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25 Dirty Jokes That Were Secretly Hidden in the Kids’ Cartoons of Our Youth

Hop with me, people on a nostalgic train! We are returning to the 1990s and early 22000s when crazy children and weird cartoons.

We watched a lot of TV that day (we still watch it, but we also watched it). Animated shows and films of our youth remain an eternal classic in our hearts. They are always going. But we need to return to some of them, because in these shows and films there were, of course, some jokes

Adult, dirty jokes.


That flew over our heads when we were children.

Only now, as adults, adults, can we fully appreciate the grotesque, funny humor of sick minds, for which we are responsible for entertaining us as children.

Think with Porn

Grandpa Lu showed the children the cover of his favorite movie, Lonely Space Foxes, which he watched after the children went to bed. How old were you when you found out about the sexual fetishes of your grandparents?

The Classic Boobs of Rocko

This happened in an episode of Modern Life from Roco. Roko, as if for some time, was caught in the sea in the chest of a giant woman when he tried to massage her with lotion from the sun. Sweet. Good and good.

Spongebob porn shows

Sponge Bob definitely watches porn in this video, judging by how quickly he changes the channel when Gary enters the room. I do not know how the sponge you know makes his business.

Tom and Jerry

This cat and mouse chase never stops, because the mouse can never catch Tom Cat!

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