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These GIFs with Twist Endings Will Make You Say, ‘Hmm, I Was Not Expecting That’

If you even spent some time on the Internet, you probably came across a lot of GIFs.

GIFs are one of the biggest things that innovation has quickly given us. For today’s average Internet user, GIF are ideal entertainment: they are smart, funny and usually no longer than 19 seconds, which is one second less than the average duration of a person’s attention.

Thus, instead of doing what you should be doing right now, take a few seconds to relax and let these 10 cool GIFs amaze you.


This Adorable Superhero

Ahh and scars for life this little girl.

And probably also this old man.

This Creepy Discovery

What vile creature lives beyond the touch of light?

Oh my god, this comes here …

it’s even worse than we ever dreamed!

This irresponsible Driver

Young attractive girl drive big truck in summer evening

The longer it goes, this GIF is becoming more and more fierce.

But in the end, you’re hoping to go on a trip with this cute prankster.

Ride In a Car

With windows down and legs raised, especially in the summer, we all enjoy traveling by car.

While the wind blows through your hair, there is something so safe and good at kicking the dashboard. But actually it is really dangerous. The woman’s painful experience makes it clear that this instant sense of security is not worth the risk.

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