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Celebrities That Look Very Different Today

Actors! Just like us, they are: growing older! And while society is just surprised by job opportunities for older people, as they age, most celebrities find their jobs drying up. For many actors, their best money-making years are also their peak being sexy years, and a group of celebrities has never been more sexy than celebrities.

That’s right, it’s hard not to mention the sexiest decade of the 2000s, when everyone bleaches blondes on their hair and wears platform sandals. (In fact, in the 2000s, the Internet was widely available in the first decade, and everyone with a modem spent most of their time looking at photographs of Britney Spears with a shaved head.)

So when elegance begins to fade and lines begin to appear, what happens? Let’s solve it. Here are some of the hottest stars of the 2000s, along with their photos today.

Jennifer Lopez

They say that this is a sign of confidence that you can push your hair back – you have nothing to hide. And yet, Jennifer Lopez never concealed that she was one of the greatest beauties of our time, which makes the bandana a strange choice.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton looks like he’s losing his wild party image and feels more buttoned up and slutty today. Now she is not the woman you would like to have fun with at the club, and the calmer younger aunt who holds a master’s degree in economics but still needs to chat about the drama of her relationship with her 11th grade niece.

Miley Cyrus

Oh, Miley Cyrus looked like a baby! So she looks today … well, she is still a child. Miley Cyrus still looked too young to buy lottery tickets, even when she was old, shaving her head as if breaking a ball.

Kim Kardashian

Growing up from her rebellious teenage years, Kim Kardashian today looks like she was painted by comedian artist Rob Liefeld of the nineties – that is, if she were a painting, we would all mourn, because no real woman could have such proportions.

Lindsay Lohan

I didn’t keep up with Lindsay Lohan, I don’t know if she is still in the forest, despite all the problems she faced (very justifiable!), Since she aged from childhood. Before and after Lindsay Lohan’s life, it’s been hard, anyway, here are some videos.

Scarlett Johansson

The only difference between the past Scarlett Johansson and the current Scarlett Johansson is the circles under the eyes, and they obviously exist only to keep secret what is happening in Avengers with the Black Widow: the endgame is a secret for so long.

Hilary Duff

No one in the early 2000s was better than Lizzie McGuire from Hilary Duff (I know she was a loser, but look at this scarf! She was so cool!).

Blake Lively

Between the two photos, the former Gossip Girl learned to curl her hair. And that’s all she learned. Blake Lively is excellent against college.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz did what I call Reverse Ann Hathaway – she never wore jeans in the early 2000s. Now she is a more or less Hollywood senior statesman, so she can do whatever she wants. We are fortunate that she even puts enough pants on the pants.

Anne Hathaway

Such stars decided to wear a lot of such filament on the day when their pictures were taken, but the contrast between Anne Hathaway is huge now and then. Anne Hathaway is too beautiful today to stay in jeans. She sleeps in comfortable pajamas.


Many of these stars of the early 2000s, such as Rihanna, look the same as they were then, but with more confidence. Can you imagine on the red carpet wearing a fashionable fishing hat? I can not imagine that Rihanna could be in the early 2000s.

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