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Meanwhile on Russian Social Media 10 Funny Photos

The largest country in the world, Russia is a blessed country with so many gifts. The Russians do not cease to amaze us – from food to drinks, to lifestyle and incredible humor.

It can be difficult to understand Russians in jest, even if you are fluent in their native language. Often this is due to the fact that many Russian jokes play cultural stereotypes, political events, popular culture and films of the Soviet era. But do not accept people who are disappointed! Because you have been reached by social networks now.

Sometimes unusual Russian stories circulate on the Internet that make you laugh or just blink your eyes and shout: “You’re kidding!”

In this post we have listed 10 funny pictures of Russians on social networks that will make you switch to ROFL. Scroll and take advantage. Talk a little with your Russian friends and make them laugh out loud by sharing wink with them in this post.

Here are 10 really strange pictures found on various social networking sites in Russia. Get ready for the weird because there is no shortage of these images!

Sitting on the floor in the bathroom next to a toilet full of flowers makes it hard to look attractive. Hopefully the person who is designed for these roses does not mind the stems smelling like a piston.

Happy birthday cake

When it’s time to cut the cake, everyone likes the favorite component of any birthday. However, if you are just going to break through the icing, A chainsaw may be too extreme utensils to work, no matter how interesting this concept may seem at the moment.

Apparently, watching in social networks is cool. You must tell the world that you mean the company, and there is no better way to do this than to store photographic firearms.

Especially when you point to the 5-inch trout that you just caught fishing on a quiet.

Most people are familiar with the social networks of their country, but they rarely ever discover what is available outside their country.

If they did, they would see that the social scene has rather eccentric personalities!

I hope she cleaned the bottom of this sandal before deciding to shoot her in the mouth and drink vodka!

These ingenious women have discovered a completely new way of defining the word “vodka-shoemaker”.

If at some point you participated in a wet T-shirt contest, you know how popular they are. However, there is a reason that people use water rather than any other liquid. This girl will become a sticky insect magnet after she finishes pouring this drink of energy!

Food Party

Food always brings people together, but these three seem to be the kind with which you may not dare to eat. Unless, of course, you are going to eat in the bathroom, dress up your child and fill your face with pickles. But really, who is not?

It is unbelievable that these people believed that publishing these photos was a really good idea. It seems they are not ashamed, at least! You’re still cool, Russia.

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