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10 Wild Wedding Interruptions The Bride Would Like Nothing More Than To Forget

The Bride Would Like Nothing More Than Forget For a pair, a marriage is a day for dreams to come to fruition. Everything has been planned to the letter from the bride’s dress to the wedding cake to make the day perfect ideally, it’s one that nobody will forget.

But even if you carefully selected your guest list, you will never understand what will happen at that moment, not to mention when the alcohol starts to flow and the music continues. These marriages did not go as planned, but it’s better to think that the engaged will never forget them.

Not only did her cousin wear white for the ceremony, but she insisted on taking the bride’s selfie and joining the reception at the couple’s front door. Talk about stealing a spotlight!

Wedding Bride

What happens if the guest does not become too careless but breaks the law on wedding etiquette unwritten?

Just ask Puppies and coffee, whose disrespectful family member spoiled her big night, getting up to where she did not belong.

Romantic and Creative Ways to Propose

When Burg Nast was present at the wedding, it seemed that his usual speech would be the best person, but he was thinking about something else. He fell to one knee instead of praising a fresh pair and offered himself!

Wedding Gift ideas for Bride

Grandfather Kathy Alison gave a mysterious gift to the birds of love, and in a very mysterious note with the inscription “Do not open until you have your first differences.”

No Wedding Gift Received

Apparently, dirty marriages are quite common in fact. User Dickcissels once saw his fresh sister-in-law at a party hitting the bride in the face.

So much to ever live happily ever after.

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