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Cringeworthy Photos That Will Give You Major Secondhand Embarrassment

In public, everybody has performed something extremely awkward. Actually, if you’re like me, you like to lie in bed at night and go over every awkward thing you’ve ever accomplished in your life until it slowly drives you crazy with regret and shame. Whether it’s an unpleasant welcome, A text message that you instantly regret, an awkward misjudgment or a joke that was intended to be funny but came off as truly meaningful, these little events can be quite mortifying for everyone concerned, and will most probably be brought up again and again by the individuals around you for general entertainment.

But what if in photographs and videos these gaffs were recorded and then made public for the world to see? It sounds awful, right? Just be happy that you didn’t get it.

Oh, and if you’re in any of the articles below, well, thank you for laughing! (And the knocks.)

A funny girl pretended to travel and collapse in front of a couple lounging on a red carpet in a heap and Kimier was not surprised.


The three were just a few of the big names that came out in New York for the annual Jazz event at Lincoln Center.

I can’t decide what’s more cringe-worthy – the wasteful efforts of Amy Schumer or the disregard of Kanye for her.

It’s just terrible to look at it anyway.

This buff stranger


This individual obviously has some control problems on one side and should tone it down a little bit.

Mom has some nice weapons on the other hand.

Go, Mother!

This epic rejection

Phew! This is a sting. Perhaps we should all stop trying to kiss people out of the blue? People are called “borders.”

Respect. Respect them.

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