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Most Bizarre and Weirdest People Spotted traveling On Subways

Traveling by metro to and from work may seem like a mundane routine, but weren’t you surprised and entertained when you saw something weird, weird, or just funny every time?

You will be amazed at how many strange people around the globe can be seen in the subway. From males dressed as chickens, to some in bags with ducks and dogs, and some are completely mental.

It reminds you of how strangely exciting life can be when you ride the train, as this list shows you 10 strange people on the subway.

Seen in a subway in Berlin

A individual with an Arabic inscription who reads, “This text has no other objective than to frighten those who fear the Arabic language” was clicked in a Berlin metro.

Man spends the whole journey of the subway playing his violin for a weeping child

How wonderful is that? Instead of letting the constant roars of the child push people away, he decided to do something remarkable, which eventually became music for everyone’s ears.

It was possible to entertain not only the child, but also fellow travelers.

When Batman and Darth Vader fell out of fuel

Usually you do not see the superheroes and villains who are now riding the subway? But from time to time, technology fails you, and this is a consequence.

It seems like Batman’s portable bat has broken and Darth Vader’s spaceship has run out of fuel, so the subway is the next best thing. Maybe there is one on one.

After all, he follows the laws

Unless they are in a carrier, dogs are not permitted on a NYC subway according to regulations.

Well, this guy decided to innovate and bring his dog in his own devised carrier, his big arm bag.

A raven and a girl

It looks really strange now. This is a gothic-fashioned girl who even sports a true live raven perched on her knee as she sits in the subway. Now raven’s size is comparable to a crow’s, but this man looks gigantic.

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