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Top 10 Perfectly Timed “Oops” Moment Pictures

Have you got a poor day? Don’t worry. So many individuals have had it so much worse.

We all had one of those days when there seems to be nothing going correct. Everything that we either touch breaks or that will not work. Remember, folks, one thing! Life is full of weird and funny Oops moments.

These Oops time images can range from ridiculous collapse and hysterical facial expressions to seals and other jokes.

We all had moments of our Oops, and they are what makes life vibrant, because looking back at the days when we had an Oops moment really makes us go ROFL. Often our friends and family captured these moments on camera and shared them on the Internet.

In this article, we have identified 10 perfect photos of moments that will make you laugh out loud. Scroll down and take the opportunity to peek!

Perfect timing pics

Most Perfect timing pictures. We wanted to get a group photo when we finished my family’s Christmas party. I figured there was enough time for a 3-second delay to snap into place, so I pressed a button, jumped (carelessly), and this is how it happened … For your information: I have a pair of yellow Nike fluorescent shoes.

Perfectly Timed “Oops” Moment Pictures!

Perfectly Timed “Oops” Moment Pictures

Dog and Bird!!

This photograph in my Family is legendary. A snapshot just before a baseball struck my mother.

before a baseball struck my mother

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