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Food Worse Than Cigarettes

Unbalanced diets are now killing more people than smoking tobacco. Scientists have discovered that your health may be harmed due to a lack of significant nutrients. However, some foods that we include in our diet have so-called beneficial properties.

Maybe our bodies could also be damaging. Fresh fruit juices are among them, which look healthy compared to other fizzy drinks, but can actually take you one step closer to diabetes.

We decided at Latest auto update to figure out which other products could kill you slowly, just as smoking does.

Low-Fat Foods That Are Good For Your Health

Fat-free foods

A fat-free diet has been a boom in the last decade. Until nutritionists knew that to preserve the product’s natural flavor, companies began to substitute healthy fats with processed sugar. So you literally consumed a disguised sugar bomb instead of getting what seemed like a good snack.

Currently, experts advise choosing dairy products rich in protein and healthy fats, such as cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, which do not contain processed sugar.

White bread

White bread

White bread is another refined cereal product that lacks nutrients and fiber.

While fiber contributes to a healthy weight, good blood pressure, and reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease, a lack of white bread can be the reason you face all of these problems.

Whole grain bread can be a decent option. In addition, studies have shown that daily consumption reduces the risk of developing the aforementioned diseases.


Farm-bred fish

This issue also has to do with sushi. Wild fish is a wealthy source of good fatty acids from Omega-3 that can decrease the danger of heart disease and stroke. But their content is highly dependent on what the fish eats. Unfortunately, the fish we buy in supermarkets usually comes from farms, not from the ocean. Therefore, they lack not only good nutrients, but also chemical additives that farmers use to grow quickly.

Try to find a reliable source of fresh fish in your city and do not hesitate to ask your roll in Philadelphia, where these sushi chefs buy packed fish.


Soy can be both harmful to your health and the environment. Soy plants are said to be the most destructive annual plants, as they plunder nutrient soil and leave it completely devastated.

In addition, most soybeans are genetically modified, meaning you hardly get any of their promised nutrients.

Another issue with soy is its elevated concentration of flavorless, or plant estrogen, which boost your body level and interfere with your menstrual cycle. Soy consumption is generally associated with enhanced thyroid hormone activity for the same reason, which can lead to unexpected weight loss, sweating, and the swelling of your neck.

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